Vampire lord by jimhatama

Lore of the Vampire Edit

The original vampires were a union of two clans, Clan Vryloka and Clan Karstein, who performed rituals in exchange for incredible power from the Godess of Death, Shiba, during the year of 1324 BD.

The two clans, however, quarreled constantly about what way was the best to serve the godess as thanks. The Vryloka Clan thought that when something was dead, it was supposed to stay dead. They shunned everything that was undead, and kept the gift as an extension of their life (it is thought it tripled their lifespan).

However, the Karstein Clan believed that the only way to serve Shiba was to fullfill the rituals and become Undead, giving them a virtually unlimited lifespan, and giving them powerful, beautiful bodies that they could keep forever.

Traits of the Vampire Edit

The vampire is a human-like species, looking like pale human`s with gruesome canine teeth. The ones that finished the blood-ritual had a strange, shining yellow Iris that glowed in the dark. There has only been the one ”Karstein & Vryloka”-instance where the blood-ritual has been completed.

Any sentient creature that makes it`s pledge to Shiba can become a vampire through the blood of another vampire. The more transitions of blood that has been made since the original Vampire`s Blood lowers the Vampires weakness to sunlight, but also lowers the effect of the Vampire`s Blood. It is unknown wether there are any original Vampire`s left in the world.

Vampire-Characters Edit