Origins of the Panty Thief Edit

Undar Kowlsmith was the son of a tanner. His father killed himself while he was very young, and Undar had to take care of his mother. When Undar reached the age of 10, his mother was raped and murdered by a gang of female, lesbian gangsters led by the notorious Overlady.

Undar swore revenge for his mother, and fought his way through a dojo full of Lesbian Gangsters. He raped every single one of them as revenge for his mother, and collected their panties. In a epic final clash he defeated the Overlady, but he was imprisoned by the local police (who believed the Overlady`s story, because tits).

He was about to be hanged for his perversity, but he was saved by no other than Robin-Chan and his Robin-Klan, who freed him, and recruited him to his gang.

In the Robin-Klan Edit

Undar swiftly made a name for himself within the clan, and built up a bounty of 4000 Yögels, since he was mostly stationed in Yögelheim and it`s surrounding lordships.

Rumors tells that Undar might be the right-hand of Robin-Chan, but it is uncertain.