The Kutaaka Edit

The Kutaaka is a band of traveling druids, gathering different elemental stones from all over the world. They travel from place to place, and this has been going on for years. Their belief is that Tellus, the God of Earth, placed these elemental stones for them to collect, and when the clan has collected enough of them, they all will come to the Realm of Tellus, and live there happily ever after.

They usually set up small camps where they live for a year or two, before moving on, leaving everything behind them. It is said by the Kutaaka Elders that they have been going on for several hundred generations, even before the first magic appeared in the world.

Heroes of the Kutaaka Edit

There have been many famous (and infamous) heroes that has their roots in the Kutaaka. Among them are D, the Druid, who helped the seventh Firekeeper deliver the Fire of Gwyndolin to the Skytemple, and Wilson of the Seven Winds, who have become a legendary Master Thief for Robin-Chan`s Robin-Klan.