A Lost Birthright Edit

Grollo Ferdinand the Second was the heir of Lord Grollo Ferdinand the First. After his father died, Grollo Ferdinand the Second`s younger brother, Grollo Tristian the Third payed off their deceased fathers generals to use their army to force Frollo Tristian onto the Throne. Grollo Ferdinand the Second fled the castle with nothing more but his fathers silver sword, the family heirloom Stormbringer.

Origins Edit

After being away from his family for a couple of years, Grollo became a cynical man. He fought in cagefights for money and the entertainment of gang-leaders, and he became very good at it. A priest of Fribbl, the God of Sparks, went by through the city. The priest, saw potential in Grollo, as the priest had gotten very old and wanted to bring his knowledge about Spark Magic onto someone else before he died. Grollo learned from the old man, learning how to use sparks in combat in a way never seen before. Enhancing his sword with the sparks made him the best fighter in the underground fighting pit. The old priest passed away a month afterwards, but not before he gave his old reliv of a sword, Faithkeeper, to Grollo. Ever since that day, Grollo fought using a two-sword style, using his family-sword and the old priest`s sword.

Turning of Tides Edit

One of the gang-bosses was tired of seeing Grollo kill off all of the people he was betting on in the fights, so he tipped the Guards of the location of this fighting pit. (Obviously this wasn`t considered a legal activity.) Grollo and a couple of other fighters fought their way out of the underground part of the city and through the sewers, where they made a break for freedom. The notorious Guard Captain Limir had an ambush ready, but thanks to the unexpected help of Robin-Chan`s Robin-Klan, Grollo and a few other fighters survived the clash. The survivors joined the Robin-Klan, and has been members since.

The Robin-Klan Edit

Grollo is considered the best fighter in the Robin-Klan, only second to Robin-Chan himself. He has a bounty of 3000 Yögels, and is considered an enemy of the state. He seeks revenge over his brother and the Mafia leader who ratted him out to this day.