Origins Edit

The city of Brandfield was planned and originated around a roadside Tavern called "the Swollen Kneecap" around the year of 312 BD. It later on developed into a small town, and later on a city with large characteristic walls to keep nearby threats at bay.

Lordship Edit

A lordship was formed in the year of 863 AR, after a man named Plagios Grondom (called Plagios the Brave), defended the city from an attack by a united Goblin army. During the battle he slew countless goblins, and in a final struggle he managed to lead a group of soldiers into the heart of the enemy army and defeat the Goblin King.

Lords of Brandfield:

Lord Plagios the Brave (273 BD - 254 BD)

Lord Belial (2 AR - 20 AR)

Important Events Edit

An important event for the history of Brandfield is first and foremost the defence against Krobos´ Drangleic army during the year of 20 AR. During the final stages of battle Lord Belial fell while defending the city Gate against the Drangleic, leaving his two sons in charge of the defence. After the city was saved by a group of adventurers, one of his sons took the lordship of the city, while his brother went out in the wide world to experience the life of the Adventurer for himself.

The succesfull defence of the city also led to the death of Krobos, which was a great achievement for such a small state.