The Myth, the Man (or Dwarf, preferably), the Legend. This legendary character has mysteriously appeared throughout the span of history. Nobody knows where he comes from, or why he shows up where he does, maybe not even himself.

About Baron Edit

Baron (more commonly known as "Baron, the Stupid Paladin"), is a Dwarf, by all manners of speech. He has an insane lust for all beer of all shapes, sizes, flavors and types, and his love for the company of his fellow kin is extraordinary, even for such a homely and accepting race as the Dwarves.

Baron´s stupidity is known by all who has traveled with him. Forgetting things is his most well known trait, and there has even been instances where he forgot about certain other teammembers that he had traveled several days with.

Barons love for gold and weaponry is also one of legend. Some people claim that he could smell the faintest glimmer of gold in the inventory of his allies.

Baron´s most important treasure in the world is his beloved Battlehammer, a fiercesome weapon that, when wielded by Baron, is swung and smashed into anything in Baron´s way with great power.

The Invasion of Brandfield Edit

Baron showed up in Brandfield without warning a couple of days before the event of "the Invasion of Brandfield" took place. He was the one that came up with the idea to smash a hole into the ground until it reached the Mürkling tunnels. He also was the one to finish off quite a large portion of Krobos´ army, though that is rarely mentioned in most circumstances, due to Bro the fairie´s excessive bragging about how awesome he himself was.

A Mysterious Invitation Edit

During the events of "A Mysterious Invitation", Baron played a vital role in discovering the Redkeep Woods Mansion, since it had been covered by a magical spell that only people that knew of the location beforehand could enter. Baron could sense that he had been there before (although he had forgotten when), and managed to locate a treasure chamber in the ruins of the Red Keep.

Down in the Necromancers tunnels during the search for the Necromancer plaguing Bingtown, Baron was a great asset to his party by smashing to pieces a large portion of undead zombies. His hammer got thrown around alot, but he managed to retrieve it after the battle with a Zombie Ogre.

When the heroes finally managed to find the Necromancer down in the tunnels, Baron shot him in the head with a Crossbow Bolt in order to "speed up the negotiations". This incidents has later on led to doubts about his sanity.